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Welcome to Legacy Christian's Rancho Theatre Program! Our Theatre Program is

made up of Legacy Christian Students who have a heart for the Arts and for Jesus!


The Arts are an integral part of life; it enriches us, brings us joy and life, and

brings beauty to our world.  We are thrilled to allow our students to share this joy

and beauty with you through their performances throughout the year! 


Legacy Rancho Theatre's hope is to help students discover and develop their talents that God has placed in each and every single one of them!  We pray that each student will stand boldly in their creative gifts while keeping Jesus at the very core of their art. 

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Our program focuses on learning

and refining the fundamentals

of collaborative theatre: musicality, dancing, acting, stage presence, and more!

We emphasize to our students the power of prayer, learning from our mistakes, lifting our peers up, and stepping out of our comfort-zone.

Our cast ranges from elementary to high school; our students not only gain

indispensable knowledge from teachers and parent volunteers aligned with Christ,

but gain life long friends in the process!


Legacy parent and student volunteers are crucial to our productions!

If you have a heart to serve, please consider volunteering to help with

performance-day concessions and greeting, clean up/tear down, and

set/costume design.

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